The Mini Hockey Stick

The Mini Hockey Stick

Mitchel wrote us with a unique request… to create a mini hockey stick that is engraved with a child’s name and birthdate.  He was then going to mount it in a shadow box with an engraved plaque.  He was in luck! We regularly make shadow boxes in our shop… but hockey sticks are a slightly different story.

The challenge… Blank mini hockey sticks are not readily available. Sticks are often pre-printed or made with plastics that don’t engrave well.  So what did we do?  We made our own! By laminating layers of Baltic Birch we were able to recreate the look of a classic hockey stick in a 24″ mini-stick that could be personalized however we wanted.

From there, we turned our attention to the display.  We created a rustic themed shadow box featuring an engraved acrylic front that would allow the stick to be displayed safely in the baby’s room over the years.  The end result – stunning.  It turned out way better than expected!

I’m in search of a nice ministick without any team on it as a baby gift. I’d like the baby’s name across the shaft, and the baby’s date of birth on the blade. Is this something that is possible?


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