Beads of Courage Display

Beads of Courage

We were recently contacted on Facebook by two different mothers to create commemorative piece of wall art that displays their little one’s Beads of Courage.  Listening to their stories was both difficult and heart warming. The strength that these families have and the fight that their little ones gave so that they could successfully emerge as healthy and happy babies is remarkable.  With every day spent in the NICU and every procedure performed, the little ones would receive a bead to commemorate each step culminating in their “Beads of Courage.”

Each set is both unique and personal. Some have a handful of beads, while others have multiple sets (or very long strands.) So no two pieces are designed and built the same way. We discussed designs and options with each of the mothers, and came up with two unique pieces for each child. Our first piece “Super Wy” features laser cut lettering and hanging hooks mounted onto a 28″ x 8″ knotty pine board. 

For the second piece, the client opted to go with a shadow box piece. This time, we needed to incorporate three separate strands of beads (72 days in the NICU!). To allow for better control of the strands, we opted to mount them directly onto backing board, using strategically placed monofilament. In addition to the 3D lettering, she asked if we could incorporate a photo of her little one, so we used our laser to cut a piece of sublimation board to size and added the photo.

Needless to say, we love how these two pieces turned out but more importantly, both moms were teary-eyed over the final result.

Oh. My. God. I LOVE it!

Laura (Wyatt's Mom)

from Facebook

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