BLK HRT Salon LED Sign


He won a few brownie points with this birthday gift!  Logan approached us to create a sign for his girlfriend’s (Kayla) salon using the logo that he had designed for her. We couldn’t resist the opportunity to try something new.

 When creating the sign, we decided that we needed something that would catch the eye and catch the ambient light.  From that we decided that acrylic was the best way to go.  We laser cut the logo from a sheet of acrylic and added wall offsets along with two layers of LED lights to make sure that the edge glow lighting would pop. 

To say the least, we were in love with the final product and Kayla was beyond happy. It now proudly hangs in the front of BLK HRT Salon & Supply.  Don’t be shy – book in to see Kayla or Jules for a new colour or style. While you’re there be sure to take a peak at the big BLK HRT logo sign hanging on the wall.

BLK HRT is located in the amazing Cathedral community!
Kayla specializes in hair colouring, whether that is creating gorgeous blondes or making rainbow-hair dreams come true! She’s also an educator and loves making connections — both in her industry and others!
We highly recommend booking your next hair appointment with Kayla or Jules through BLK HRT’s website: https://www.blkhrt.ca/

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