Flip-Top Photo Urn

The Photo Urn

Sometimes, we just can’t find exactly what we are looking for off the shelf.  John  and his wife came to us to help build an urn for their beloved dog, Casie Marie. The were looking for a unique urn that had space for both ashes and her collar, an engraving and a photo. Our task was to design a piece that included these features and to no look like a typical urn. Our team set out to design a the urn, and after a few drafts came up with the flip-up photo urn.  The design included  flip up photo frame that would rest inside the top of the urn, a larger interior space for ashes and memory pieces; and larger front surfaces to allow for a custom engraving.

Once completed, John and his wife came by to pick up their completed project and while we don’t aim to make our clients cry, they were certainly moved by the unique piece in which Casie would be at rest in.


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