Metal Memorial Plaque

Memorial Bench Plaque

Unable to find what they were looking for elsewhere, George and Laverne stopped in to RMX trying to see if we would be able to make them a memorial plaque for a bench that was being custom-built on a golf course in memory of their father; the long time groundskeeper.  The plaque needed to stand the test of time, especially on the open prairies of Saskatchewan where it would be exposed to sun, wind, rain and snow.  We discussed several of our standard options, we realized that none would work. It was decided that our best route would be a stainless steel metal plaque.

Admittedly, this one was a little bit different for us.  With our CO2 laser, we cannot engrave on metal in the same manner that we would engrave on wood. The laser is unable to burn the metal material away in the same fashion as wood. We can however, permanently mark the metal using a special compound that essentially is burnt into the micropores of the the metal, when exposed to the laser.  It’s UV resistant and stands up extremely well to the elements along with everyday wear and tear. 

As stainless steel is not a regular medium for us, we reached out to Titan Stainless to custom cut a blank for us.  Once we received the plaque, it was prepped and engraved.  Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t always come out perfect the first time and the finished plaque had a few flaws.  This was a great learning experience for us as it meant grinding the old engraving away and polishing it.  To our surprise, the permanent marking actually took a fair bit of work to remove, which was a testament to the durability of the final product.  When we once again had a clean surface to work with, the new engraving was applied and it looks amazing! The Ituna golf course will be able to enjoy their bench and memorial plaque for years to come.

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