Hook and Ring

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Hook and Ring Game

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You may have seen this one online?  A game that can get a little frustrating, a little competitive and even a tad aggressive. lol Each player takes a turn to swing the ring and try tries to get it onto the opponents hook.  Hook and Ring, Ring and Hook, sounds simple enough right?!  There’s a catch!  Once you’ve landed your ring on your opponents hook, you get to move the shot glass forward, only now it’s your opponents turn and if they connect, they move it back towards you and so on until the shot glass land directly in front of you. At which point you may now be required to take a “shot”  or perhaps you’re playing a family friendly version and you may be responsible for dinner clean up.  You do you, house rules apply! Regardless, it can be a little frustrating and a lot of fun! *Shot glass included

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