The Drink Flight

The Drink Flight

Ashley wrote us to inquire about a drink flight for her husband. She told us that her husband was a bit of a home brewer and that his birthday was coming up.  So, what better way to showcase his hobbies?!?  With that, we took her sample image (a paddle flight from a big-box store) and ran with a few ideas.

Our first challenge was how to position and carry the six glasses without spilling everything.  We switched the paddle concept to more of a tray, placing the glasses evenly to balance the board.  We designed a bit of a logo for “Beckett’s Brewing” and engraved that in the middle for display.

We  love the grain detail in Oak, so we opted to make the board from a raw board we had at the shop.  After surfacing the board, it was off to the CNC add the smooth bottomed recesses for the glasses to rest in. In finishing the flight, we opted to finish the board in a food safe mineral oil which would allow the board to double as a charcuterie board. Add some handles to carry, and some feet to protect the board… voila!

Next up… the glassware.  What drink flight is complete without glasses?  We decided to take Beckett’s logo and add a personal touch to a set of 8oz rocks glasses.  The CO2 laser does a really nice job of adding a permanent etch into glassware. When finished, these glasses a dishwasher safe with no worries of washing the engraving away.


I’m thinking the wooden flight that holds 6 small glasses to sample.
Now you’ve got me thinking, maybe the glasses are etched with a logo as well….. Beckett’s Brewing on the flight and a logo (a simple BB) on the glasses


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