The Engagment Ring

Engagment Ring Box

Taggart stopped by the shop to discuss a very special project… He had an engagement ring that needed a ring box, something special for when he popped the big question.

A ring box… we hadn’t made one previously, but we are always up to trying something new!  A quick sketch to make sure that we were on the right path, and away we went.  Our CNC was put to work cutting the pieces, followed by some finishing sanding.  We took the ring box onto the engraver to add his personal touches, added a protective seal and the wood work was finished. To make sure that the ring wasn’t going to get damage inside the box; we decided to get a little crafty and create a pillow for the ring!

We couldn’t be happier with the finished product and we couldn’t be happier for Taggart and Caitlin.  Here’s to many happy days ahead!

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